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Year: 2021
Country: Israel
Time: 1h 28min
Quality: HD
I saw this movie a few days ago. It's divided into three chapters - the first one left me with the feeling that I've already seen it too many times before. The second chapter made me feel a bit uneasy thinking this must be aimed at much younger audience and I simply can't relate. But then came the 3rd chapter and the entire story turned up side down in the best way. I'm not for surprises just for surprises sake. The fact that this surprise felt real, as unlikely as it was has a lot to do with Elisheva Weil and Yoav Hayt who carry the story through this unlikely twist as if it was the most natural outcome we could've expected.

One has also to commend Hadas Ben Aroya, the film's director who does end up saying something fresh and genuine about love, lust and intimacy and about the way all three connect and work together.

One last comment - the English name - All Eyes Off Me is a weird concoction. I know names of films are being determined by their distributers and what they believe will sell the movie best, but I think foreign viewers deserve knowing that the original name - derived from a line in a song we hear in the film means Someone Will Love Someone. True the song is a Hebrew song but I think the original name suits the film much better even if the audience aren't familiar with that song.
All Eyes Off Me (2021)

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