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Year: 2021
Time: 1h 34min
Director:Roydon Turner
Quality: HD
Heart of Hope is the story of an aspiring eight-year-old dancer with a heart condition. This is no sweet 'tween' fantasy but a touching story that takes its subject seriously, brightening the way with splashes of humour and hopes for a better world.

Parents can safely take their children to this film. Charming and entertaining, it also carries a social message for all ages. It is a rare and diverting look at the issue of organ donation, bringing the subject comfortably into view - and hopefully initiating debate within families about the benefits of donating body parts. It has an eight year-old protagonist who adds a good deal of charm to the story.

Connie-Kiss Mee gives an assured performance as the heroine, supported by actors who excel in even the smallest roles. In the larger parts, Sean Knopp as Iris's father brings a gentle chemistry to his relationship with his daughter, as does Linda-Jean Barry as the supportive grandmother. Sarah Leigh as Megan, in what could have been a thankless role, displays a depth of motherlove while clinging to the cliffs of despair.

Postman Rick (Matthew Foley) fills a good-fairy role in the events that follow. His engaging courtship of teacher Audrey (Georgina Hellier) brought a smile to my face.

Jessica Brown Findlay makes a cameo appearance in the fantasy dance sequences which are embedded in the film, and which reflect a flamboyant theme of hope.

The smart Heart of Hope script was written by Arabella Burfitt-Dons. Technically, the film has superior production values; emotionally, director Roydon Turner has imbued his film with a natural honesty.
Heart of Hope (2021)

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