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Year: 2021
Time: 1h 41min
Quality: HD
A group of explorers from Mcmurdo station go to outpost 31, only to discover the two dead bodies on ice of last survivors from the original movie, then the nightmare begins, the thing still lives and starts to take over their base, killing and assimilating all the crew, and it´s up to two guys to stop it.

The "scientific" aspect is better than previous films, for me this sequel is great and equal to the first ''The thing'' it has more blood and gore, the story is fast paced, The CGI is not that great, but they used practical effects too. The alien scenes are scary, so I wouldn't complain about that.

It exists as a worthy extension, not an insult to the memory of a cult classic. It offers a similar overall experience without replicating styles and situations.
The Thing Returns (2021)

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