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Year: 2021
Country: UK
Time: 1h 45min
Quality: HD
This is newb filmmaker Oliver Milburn's second full length feature film as editor, writer and director, with only a few previous shorts on his resume. His main forte has been Visual Effects on some popular TV shows, and that talent was evident here.

The cinematography and his directing was very impressive, as was the score, landscape and sets. Casting and performances were all great and convincing. This story, adapted from the Schools Out novels by Scott K. Andrews, is cross between Lord Of The Flies, Shaun Of The Dead, Red Dawn and The Road. As a movie, Milburn's screenplay certainly could've used some edits from a seasoned writer. It had some pacing and continuity problems, as well as some plot and technical issues. I felt some scenes were too long and/or unnecessary. I'm sure the sealed letter he held onto (no spoilers) for most of the first act was a metaphor, I think, but it wasn't elaborated. In the 105 min runtime, "a lot" happens in the last 20 minutes, but anything prior felt too long and somewhat unnecessary. It would've been much better if his screenplay had more substance, and less filler, and extending (the best part) more than the 20 mins. Even cutting out much from the early parts and leaving the last 20 mins untouched but with the overall runtime no more than 85-90 mins, I would have enjoyed it much more.

Overall for a young newb filmmaker, this UK production was very well executed. Had the writing been tighter, it would have been great. Did I enjoy it enough to recommend it? Yes. Would I see it again? No.
School's Out Forever (2021)

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