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Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Country: Monmouth, UK
Time: 1h 33min
Director:Jamie Adams
Quality: HD
This proves it, eiza deserves Oscars!. And the small roles eiza did: jetta in jem and the holograms, darling in baby driver, carlala in welcome to marwen, nyssiana in alita: battle angel, madam M in Hobbs & Shaw & maia Simmons in Godzilla vs. Kong, don't get me wrong they're wonderful & love it that eiza gave it all she got. But still those "cameo/special guest star" roles did NOT do law & order for & eiza & those characters!!! & were not enough to fully show her talents/gifts! Cause what I saw in her show, from dusk till dawn: the series, her recent movies: paradise hills, she's missing, bloodshot, cut throat city, I care alot & now in love spreads,... Eiza deserves Oscars!!!

Anyway, (clearing throat), I just finished watching love spreads few minutes ago, it was SPECTACULAR!!! The directing, cinematography, the story & plotline, the cast & crew. Etc. It was wonderful. But my most favorite is eiza & her character Patricia. Even though they enter halfway, still. Eiza truly shined, owned and dominated the whole movie, the second she enters the scene. Seriously, they were the main drive of the whole movie & the band (glass heart) love patricia's positivity, big hearted attitude & beautiful energy. Also loved that eiza ended the movie, literally, riding out to a new journey/adventure with her band & having fun along the way. LOVE IT!!! Love spreads is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Again, one of eiza gonzalez's great performances. She truly outdid herself, once again. I give love spreads 9/10. And for eiza & her character Patricia (another new favorite of eiza's I love) I give them 100!

I highly recommend y'all this movie.
Love Spreads (2021)

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