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Year: 2021
Country: Netherlands
Time: 1h 37min
Quality: HD
Estelle is a successful, superficial and narcissistic influencer. She becomes engaged to Lotte's boss John and asks Lotte and friend Kim to take care of the organization of the wedding. Although Lotte is not happy that Estelle has run off with her boss and is also preparing the wedding Lotte has longed for for years, she accepts.

During the recording of a TV program that Lotte produces, the presenter Beau is nowhere to be seen last minute and Lotte steps in as presenter at Chris's insistence. She turns out to be a natural and the ratings skyrocket. Lotte has little interest in a career as a presenter, but Chris sees a possible ratings gun in Lotte and makes a deal with her: he will help her win Alex back, provided she continues to present programs for him. Part of this is a makeover, after which Lotte suddenly gets a lot of attention.

Gradually Lotte and Chris grow closer. Meanwhile, Alex's career is getting worse; his TV show is even cancelled. Desperate, he asks Lotte to marry him. She is caught off guard and disapproves of him, but gives the relationship a second chance. On the night before Estelle's wedding, Lotte discovers that Alex is having an affair with Kim and that Estelle knows about it. Lotte confronts her sister at the wedding; this leads to the wedding being cancelled. Eventually Lotte and Estelle bury the hatchet and Estelle still marries John. Chris makes a guest appearance at the wedding and finally kisses Lotte.
Just Say Yes (2021)

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