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Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Country: USA
Time: 1h 30min
Quality: HD
The film begins with Matt (Ed Helms), a successful app developer aged 40 something, interviewing Anna (Patti Harrison), 20 something who works at a coffee shop, for becoming his surrogate. Where she reveals that she have had a child while she was in high school and that the child was adopted right after she had him. Matt wants to become a father but doesn’t feels the need to get married for it. Anna on the other hand wants to get into college and get her bachelors and masters degree which requires money, which brings her to becoming a surrogate mother to Matt's Child. The film then shifts to first trimester and shows doctor telling Matt and Anna that everything is going well, which makes Matt very happy and he asks Anna for dinner as a celebration to which she agrees. Afterwards Matt tells his brother and his parents about the pregnancy, his mother seems not very happy with his decision. At dinner Matt and Anna talk about Pro Life and Pro Choices and how nervous they are in making conversation with each other. While ordering dinner, Matt makes a weird annoying sound when Anna chooses to order potato over salad saying it is not good for the baby, as what she eats the baby eats. He orders pasta with bacon. After the waitress leaves Anna says that "she matters only for the next nine months but he matters for next 18+ years, so he should also be eating healthy food". Matt agrees and asks why she didn't made a weird sound to which she responds that "she is not annoying". Next both are shown attending a therapist, where Matt says that he is very excited and wants to share the news with everybody but is surprised when Anna says that she is not going to tell anyone about pregnancy. Coming out of therapist Matt asks if she wants a bite of candy and tells her that he once went to couples therapy with his ex and after coming outside they would hold hands and eat candy.
Together Together (2021)

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