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Year: 2021
Country: USA
Time: 1h 28min
Quality: HD
Arianne volunteers to go back with two of the locals to show them the sinkhole they opened and Darren chooses to accompany her. The monsters picks them off one by one until only Darren and Arianne are left alive. They are sitting at a part of the cave and it is revealed that this expedition was not to map out the geographical area. Instead, Darren was going to be paid by a private coal mining company that wanted the mineral. They're captured and taken to the monsters' lair. Arianne throws a grenade to the main monster's head which blows up inside the monster. She and Darren escape and begin to climb up a rope at the entrance. Darren foot gets caught by one of the monsters and has no choice but to cut off the rope. He drops onto the floor of the cave where the monsters begin to eat him. Arianne is left hanging on the rope and pauses for a second looking down with grief. She begin to climb up but a local begins to cut the rope. She pleads with him and does not stop until Schuttman pulls the the local to the side and helps Arianne up. As soon as they are safely out of the way, He yells, "Now". The crew begins to fire at a monster who climbed up from the hole. They use a flamethrower and a rifles and manage to keep them at bay. Afterwards Schuttman is driving Arianne back to the outside of the fence and confesses that his son died in the cave by the monsters and asks her to help them keep the monsters from escaping. While she's unsure that they can overcome the monsters, she reluctantly agrees to help.
Shookum Hills (2021)

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