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Year: 2021
Country: India
Time: 2h 34min
Quality: HD
Venkatesh narrates that a ₹50 note, a green mango, and a nail resemble the fate of three persons who come across a police officer.

A BBC journalist arrives at a jail in Delhi to interview Saleem Batkal, a criminal convicted for Mumbai blasts, but Saleem demands money from the interviewer, which to their astonishment is just ₹50. Upon taking it, he tells that he rented a house that is ₹50 cheaper than the previous one due to a scuffle between the owner and broker. The house Saleem rents at Kurnool for passport verification with fake details falls under the jurisdiction of Shankar's police station, where Saleem's men have no influence. After a dramatic turn of events, he is caught by Shankar, who notices the details Salim gave are fake. When Saleem tries to warn about his background, Shankar beats him up and arrests him.

In Kadapa, Konda Reddy, a highly sadistic goon, occupies the land of a doctor. When Konda Reddy is in a meeting, a girl tries to pluck from a mango tree in his yard, for which he angrily unleashes his dogs upon her. The girl is injured, and her mother files suit on him. The SP calls Konda Reddy, telling that this case might put Konda Reddy in trouble because it will be dealt with by CI Shankar. Konda takes him lightly, but the SP insists him to meet Katari Krishna, who is in the central jail of Rajahmundry. Katari appears as a regular prisoner, but Konda Reddy is intrigued when he learns about Katari's criminal record. Upon asking, Katari narrates his story that he rose to power by creating a bloodshed in Ongole, and is jailed later because of a nail.

Shankar is appointed as CI of Ongole, and meets constable Kiran, the son of a constable who used to work with Shankar. Jayamma, a close aide of Katari's, has a habit of going to the cinema on Fridays. There, she sees Katari's daughter with Kiran, and gets him grotesquely murdered by appointing men from Vetapalem. Shankar investigates about the murder, while relishing his memories with Kiran. He finds out that Katari was accused for a similar kind of murder a few years ago. At a village fair, Shankar goes to bring Katari to the police station for enquiry, Katari warns Shankar of his background, which irritates Shankar and gets him arrested.
Krack (2021)

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