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Year: 2021
Country: USA
Time: 1h 44min
Director:Alan Ritchson
Quality: HD
Recognizing that Cicada intends to bring chaos to the world, Connor informs Gwen and Avi that he intends to bring down the organization at the party, prompting them to join him. The infiltration goes awry, resulting in Connor and Gwen being captured by Cicada's leader, Phillip Dubois. Dubois, who defends the organization as bringing equality to an unjust world, reveals that Gwen is a treasonous NSA agent pursuing amnesty through Cicada. Connor escapes through killing Dubois' guards, but as a result of Gwen being shot, she provides Connor with a USB drive to obtain the information that Cicada holds. Confronted by Connor, Dubois confesses that he is an actor following orders from Cicada and was unaware anyone would be harmed. As the NSA storms the building, Connor succeeds in downloading the information before being knocked unconscious in his escape attempt, while the agents kill Dubois.

At the conclusion of Connor's testimony, the judges find fault in the NSA's tactics, but also inform Connor that he has incriminated himself in several felonies. However, Connor, also acknowledging his testimony was not accurate, reveals that he has begun to leak the private documents about government officials that he downloaded. Connor threatens to continue leaking information unless he receives $1 million for each document and Avi is released from custody. His extortion successful, Connor uses his new finances to assist others. He receives a message from Gwen, who is now a member of Cicada.
Dark Web: Cicada 3301 (2021)

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