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Year: 2021
Time: 1h 48min
Director:Neil Burger
Quality: HD
Voyagers, a film directed by Neil Burger, is set in the near future, in which the human race is at risk, and tells the story of a group of 30 astronauts sent into space on a multi-generational mission. The enterprise would have the purpose of finding a new habitable planet, but it totally degenerates when the crew discovers that they are unaware of some secrets regarding their training. Among them is a strange blue liquid that is given to them to atrophy the senses.
When one of them starts to rebel against this "therapy", he realizes that the drink actually inhibits their instincts. The young man also convinces the others not to hire her, leading the group to explore their primal instincts until they fall into a primitive state, which throws the entire spaceship into chaos. In the throes of a growing lust for power and sex and increasingly fearful, astronauts will have to deal with the closest threat, themselves, first, and then come to terms with what's outside.
Voyagers (2021)

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