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Year: 2021
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Time: 1h 49min
Director:Ninja Thyberg
Quality: HD
Writer/Director Ninja Thyberg nails the film's opening as the film's lead character, Bella Cherry, portrayed by Sofia Kappel, is questioned at immigration as to whether she is in the United States for work or pleasure and she demurely coos, "Pleasure," with a devil-may-care hint of what's to come.

Unfortunately, Bella has trouble finding a job and eventually shows up to do an adult film audition. She's nineteen years old, attractive, with beautiful blonde hair, and is looking for some good times.

What transpires is the making of an adult film scene. The camera operator is crude and vulgar as he draws the silent ire of Bella. The male character continues the domineering behavior and Bella is trying her best to perform yet is quite awkward. She's paid $900 for the day's work.

From this first sex scene, Bella begins navigating the world of adult film. As the narrative bends into very raw and brutal sex scenes, Bella comes to the realization the adult film industry is about business and comes to the realization that the adult film "stars" are not as whole and authentic as the B-movie actresses that Bella broke in with.

I wasn't expecting Thyberg's hardcore approach to illuminating an industry often not thought very highly of and not given much attention. "Pleasure" is highly revealing and highly recommended.
Pleasure (2021)

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