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Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 1h 39min
Director:Anna Mastro
Quality: HD
Let's face it Disney+ does not have many exclusives, if it wasn't for The Mandalorian, it probably wouldn't be worth it but today there is a new film out called Secret Society Of Second Born Royals and I have watched it and here is my review for it. The premise of the film sees a group of 2nd born royal family members find out they have super powers and must train to control them.

Main Character Relatively unknown Peyton Elizabeth Lee plays the lead here and I didn't like her character at all in this film. Her character was just really annoying, she just comes across as very pretentious and above everybody else, if somebody disagrees with her she just storms off and acts very childish. They do nothing to make her interesting and make her stand out, we are meant to buy her as this leader of this group but she does nothing to deserve that and there is nothing about this character to attach yourself too.

Supporting Characters There are a few okay performances here, Elodie Young who played Elektra in Daredevil does an okay job and if her character had been given more to do then maybe she could have risen this film up. Skylar Astin also does a fun job as the teacher of the group and provides a quirky but sometimes over the top which doesn't quite work. But my god the rest of the cast add nothing, the rest of the kids who make up the team are so generic, every stereotype that you can imagine is here and it goes exactly how you think and none of them can rise above and some of them are just really bad.

Story The story had potential, but the issue is that there isn't an original bone in this films body, you have literally seen everything here and you have seen it done much better pretty much everywhere else. The training isn't particularly interesting and the villains plot and motivation is so dull and paint by numbers. The twists and turns are laughably bad even though the film thinks it is really clever and my god this film sequel baits so hard and it does not deserve it at all and I really hope there are no more films in this franchise.

Script The script is also really bad, it makes the characters irritating and makes you not care about them at all. This film sets up a semi interesting world and does nothing with it, it just feels like the normal world which was a big waste of time. The drama is cringe and the drama isn't there to make you care at all.

Style The style of them film has one or two okay action scenes that make you hate this film a little less then the rest of it. But then you see the CGI and realise this film doesn't have a budget for what it wants to do and it ends up looking really bad, also why did they pick powers we have seen before, just watch an X-Men film even the worse ones are better then this film.

Overall Overall, this is an awful waste of time, if Disney wanted to create a franchise here they have failed miserably. Disney need to up their content on Disney+ or else it will literally just be Star Wars and Marvel keeping there streaming service alive, so avoid this film at all cost.
Secret Society of Second Born Royals (2020)

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