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Year: 2020
Country: Canada
Time: 1h 35min
Quality: HD

Psycho Goreman is a movie that knows exactly what it is trying to be, and exactly what its limitations are. It's a five-star three star movie that embraces the fun rubber-suit splatter gore aesthetics of cheesy 80s flicks, the kind that Troma excelled at (but without the vomit and nudity that often went along with it - the main characters are middle-school students after all). The monsters in the film feel like someone decided to do a comic version of Warhammer 40K - strange, horrifying, with gothic elements that incorporate weird baby faces, disturbing technology, magic and machinery. Now put all that firepower in the hands of a truly psychotic middle-schooler, and make it a comedy. It's good, dumb fun that embraces its concept to an almost ludicrous degree. If things like Toxic Avenger, GWAR and Terrorvision make you giggle, of it you just wondered what a weirdly violent Alf-style sitcom based around a Warhammer 40K chaos demon would look like, there's lots to love in this film.
Psycho Goreman (2020)

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