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Year: 2020
Country: Japan
Time: 2h 2min
Quality: HD
I had read that this was basically a summation of seasons 1-3, and had high hopes that even if it didn't add much by way of content, that it would be of high value, in that it would shed new light on things, now that we have Grisha's books to back things up, and now that we are through Season3, there are some things that SHOULD be obvious, but as they haven't actually come out and admitted them, we can't count on them being true! Such as: Did Eren REALLY eat his father? Is the big monkey titan REALLY the commander's teacher father? And PLEASE explain more than just a sentence said off hand about what happens if a Titan doesn't transfer his power, because sorry, I don't believe it! I also don't believe the ex wife coming for the new wife bs, or a few other things just thrown out at the end of Season 3 that this movie COULD HAVE clarified, thus giving it a purpose for being made, but alas, it does NONE of this, it just shows clips from the series pasted together, so sadly this movie really has no purpose to exist. I'm being VERY generous with 4 stars, out of respect for the creators and voice actors, who obviously had NOTHING to do with adding any original content to this movie!
Attack on Titan: Chronicle (2020)

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