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Year: 2020
Time: 1h 27min
Quality: HD
The whole reworking of fairy tales has been done so often that you'd have to come up with something quite special to create anything original and different. Unfortunately Hunted is neither.

For a such a simple plot line it manages to get incredibly tied up in itself. The basic premise isn't new, a psychotic criminal, a vulnerable woman, an idiot sidekick.

At one point this movie starts to move in an interesting direction as Eve escapes and gradually becomes absorbed into the woods. Nature begins to become part of her and some form of symbiotic relationship.

But this interesting direction quickly falls apart and for some weird reason a bunch of paint ballers appear out of nowhere and all of a sudden we find ourselves in some crappy version of survival horror.

There's too much going on in this, it's pulling in all sorts of different directions and ultimately failed to deliver.
Hunted (2020)

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