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Year: 2022
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Time: 1h 48m
Quality: HD
The Lost King, directed by Stephen Frears, tells a true story, that of Philippa Langley, an English writer who contributed enormously to the exhumation of Richard III in 2012, leading to the discovery of his remains and his tomb. The woman is about 50 years old, she is dissatisfied with her job and even her love life is not favorable to her, especially after her separation with her husband (Steve Coogan).
Unsatisfied with her life, Philippa takes refuge with passion in the search for the undiscovered remains of King Richard III. Firmly convinced that the sovereign deserves a proper burial, the writer has a brilliant intuition and she manages to find the place where the king is buried. But the woman will have to deal with the experts who will try to steal the merit of the discovery of the remains ...
The Lost King (2022)

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