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Year: 2021
Country: China
Time: 2h 11min
Director:Amp Wong
Quality: HD
It has certain milestone significance. To some extent, it has opened the precedent of China's "spectacle" animation film, that is, the story almost completely serves all kinds of stacked wonders. This feeling is very similar to Tsui Hark's Di Renjie series, especially the four heavenly kings. Of course, this is an interesting attempt, but judging from the current market performance, it is indeed a little high and low. The reason is that it is too far away from the audience, and the emotion can not resonate with the audience. From the creator's point of view, of course, this is great, but if you take too big a step, you will get half the result with twice the effort. Discuss with friends that if the masked teenager is Xu Xian, the Zen meaning of this story may be more profound. Now it is still a little "expressing for expression, too unconventional".
White Snake 2: Green Snake (2021)

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