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Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time: 1h 26min
Director:Chris Warren
Quality: HD
The film opens with Jennifer (Natali Jones) in a padded room screaming about the house. We then flashback 3 months earlier and will have flashbacks in the flashbacks. Her brother Brian (Sean Brison) is missing and she is at his rented house to clear out his belongings. She has a vision of Brian telling her to leave and not comeback. She returns with a friend and we discover the house has a Mayan demon that takes hearts and eats people. The special effects were decent and the film clearly has a Lovecraft influence. For some reason they decided not to tell a simple tale, but rather make it into confused mess of flashbacks and distorted reality that was poorly conceived and edited.

Debbie Rochon was barely in the feature and not recognizable any more. Brian looks a little like Lovecraft with his long face.
Dark Ritual (2021)

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