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Year: 2021
Time: 1h 36min
Director:J.P. Watts
Quality: HD
First world war drama ,in the fields of no mansland, soldiers life in the trenches of mud and decay, rats and the proud underground workers serving under the colonels wings in the ranks of king edward/george?(cant remember) the king of the british empire, where the coal miners excavate tunnels under the german lines to blast the into never land.

Its a dangerous job digging, also the danger of crossing the line of german mining moles does amplify the scares. So its about silence in everything you do, unless you might get killed by an earthskott.

Story and production is well taken care of, the detailed background war theater that usually is a lowdown on past productions,do seem very realistic here. To be squemish i think the spoken english is far to modern, some dialect coaching couldve made it more timely of the era.

Intens and feels like never ending, and shows some of the forgotten sons of the king and country, they didnt win the war, they just laid the foundation for it. A good film good style and at times quite breathless moment for a grumpy old man. Recommended.
The War Below (2021)

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