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Year: 2021
Country: USA
Time: 1h 51min
Director:John Swab
Quality: HD
Body Brokers, the film directed by John Swab, tells the true story of a multibillion dollar scam, in which former drug addicts and drug dealers enrich themselves as "body brokers", intercepting other drug addicts in need of treatment and then selling them as patients to facilities that offer the price. higher.
Set in the Ohio countryside and the streets of Los Angeles, the film follows the story of a young couple who use drugs, Utah (Jack Kilmer) and his girlfriend Opal (Alice Englert). One day the two meet Wood (Kenneth Williams), a mysterious character who leads them to Los Angeles offering them the chance to change their lives forever by following a treatment to get rid of the effects of drug addiction. Utah, thanks to the help of Dr. White (Melissa Leo), a psychotherapist at the recovery center, will be able to detoxify, but will soon discover that rehab has no real purpose to help people, but is a cover for a multi-billion dollar scam , where addicts are hired to recruit others. Utah will therefore find itself at a crossroads: become a "body brokers" and get rich or save his girlfriend.
Body Brokers (2021)

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