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Year: 2020
Country: Canada
Time: 1h 45min
Quality: HD

In my opinion is a decent film but not a good story. The aesthetic is pleasant with a retro vibe, the music also as a very 80 vibe with some retrowave in it, i also liked a lot the directions, there were a lot of scenes that were pleasant to watch and evocative. So why they low rating? It's simple: the story is slow, the pacing is off and the final payoff is dull and not very original. The film start with a good concept that could have been developed in something interesting, but from the midpoint on decide to stop building and run toward a mediocre ending with a very cliché closure. The main actress was very good at least. So should you watch it? In my opinion it is still worth your time, just for the good parts i mentioned, but still don't expect too much.
Come True (2020)

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