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Year: 2018
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Country: USA
Time: 1h 30min
Director:Zaine Bray
Quality: HD
You're not a real hustler unless you can lose it all and win it back. And Zane lost it all in high school, in one drag race: his pride, his car and his girl, Jordan. Twenty years later, he's stuck in a small Illinois town. Only his dog Oxide and a meager income made from hustling other street racers keep him going. Then unexpectedly, Zane's past hustles him, and he's faced with his painful mistakes all over again. He's court-ordered to mentor Trent, a young street racer. Jordan is Trent's mother, and Trent's father happens to be Zane's old rival from high school. Zane finally has the chance to win back his self-respect and the love of his life. But his old rival won't let the past go and threatens to destroy Zane's last chance for happiness. Will he prove himself behind the wheel or will the cataclysmic provocations and life-changing revelations about everything Zane thinks he knows steer him into last place again? Join us for the ride
Midwest Hu$tler (2018)

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