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Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time: 2h 15min
Director:Tim Burke
Quality: HD
'Planet X' rewrites the accepted myths and histories of Earth, including the origin of our species. Adam Sinclair is a controversial historian, archaeologist and adventurer who has spent a lifetime pursuing evidence to support translations of the 'Sumerian Tablets' found in modern day Iraq in 1849 by British archaeologist; Austin Henry Layard. The tablets are inscribed with a series of scripts in the oldest text known to man, a pictographic text known as Cuneiform. They tell of a highly advanced, humanoid, alien race who lived upon a Planet very different to Planet Earth. The Movie tells the incredible story of the governing royals of this ancient alien Planet; "Islandia" (also known as Planet X). The movie details epic battles with alien species hellbent on power, a sibling rivalry inter-cut with a twisted love-story and ultimately their invasion of Earth approximately 450,000 years ago. Written by - Timothy E
Planet X: Gold of the Gods (2018)

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