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Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Time: 1h 30min
Director:Harvey Lowry
Quality: HD
A Spanish swindler by the nickname of Bogus advises to invest in international movies, where they can easily erase the tracks and clean the spotted money. With this intention they arrive to Hollywood and settle there as big tycoons of show business. Bogus engages Sister (nickname) as secretary. Sister is insignificant in looks, but an expert in cinema. . Taking profit of her knowledge and know-how, Bogus engages the cheapest directors, ghost writers, stand-in, stuntmen, featured players - who had been the traditional working basis for Hollywood grandeur. Bogus is well received at Beverly wild parties, where he starts the plots to swindle known distributors, TV stations executives, theatre owners...Bogus hasn't got the slightest intention to produce films. He expects for great results in swindles and fleeing with the booty to Singapore. Sister does not agree with Bogus 'methods, but is seduced by his inexhaustible capacity for lie and deceit
The Last Party (2018)

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