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Year: 2017
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Country: France
Time: 1h 36min
Quality: HD
In 1896, exuberant stage authorAugust Strindberg decides to leave Sweden for France, hub of the cultural and artistic world in Europe. Upon his arrival, he locks himself up for the next two years in a hotel room shunning Parisian life and its vanities, considering stage and Litterature ever more loathsome. Convinced he'll never write again, he dedicates his time from then on to a multi-faceted Scientific research. Alone and shut in to face his mounting madness, the author's hotel becomes then an imaginary theater haunted by the characters Strindberg had created in his previous stage works back in Sweden. These characters magically imbued with a life of their own have only one thing in mind, get their author back to writing again as they see the premature end of August Strindberg's litterary career means as their own death warrant
Inferno d'August Strindberg (2017)

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